Women's Only Weightlifting
Sunday mornings - 9am-1pm
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We set up our Womens Only Weightlifting workshop to accomodate all the women who contacted us wanting to learn how to lift weights properly in a safe and encouraging environment.
Now in its second year it has been the starting point for many of our regular members as they have transfered onto our full strength and conditioning membership
It is a six week block of coached weightlifting where we will progress you from week to week

We will help you push yourself in ways you didnt think you could.

Don't just take our word for it, listen to some of the Ladies-Who-Lift below who have already been through our program:
You can see what other people have had to say about us here
The workshop costs £50 for the full 6 week duration of fully coached weightlifting sessions and a tailored program to yourself (not to mention the countless brews we provide, just ask anyone currently on the workshop... you'll soon know what we mean!)

We will want to hear from you first so that we can tailor your session to suit your goals and training history and to answer any more questions you have - hit any of the buttons below to drop us a message via your prefered method:

   If you have made your mind up
Then you can press the button below to register yourself for the next workshop with our fully automated and secured online systems
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