Platform is FULL... but Platform 2.0 is coming.
Will you be a part of it?

In 2017 we got the keys to an abandoned building and set about reshaping the way a gym could support you on your own personal journey.

We focussed on:

>High quality coaching that removes the guesswork from the gym

>Fun but results driven training programs that get results without you even realising how hard you are working

>Nutritional support so that no stone is left unturned and you don't have to guess through your diet and undo all your progress

>An atmosphere like no other that welcomes you in to the gym with open arms and makes you feel a part of something special

>A support network of like minded people who are there to support you and guide you as they go on their own journey

Our support must have worked.

22 months in and we are full.

We have closed to new memberships but we are expanding and when the doors reopen we will have a new bigger facility with more coaches, more sessions, more support and more incredible results and good times.

But we wont just be reopening our doors to everyone.

In true Platform style we will be making sure that everyone who comes through our doors gets the support they need and deserve so only a limited number of memberships will be available.

If you want to be kept up to date with the build, the new sessions, new equipment, new support systems and most importantly be informed when a limited number of memberships will be released again input your information in the box above and we will keep you in the loop.

See you in 2.0!


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