Well we think we are great, but of course we are going to tell you that. So dont listen to us tell you about it, see what the people who train with us have to say. 

"I had tried a lot of services in the area but I had fallen out of love with the gym. I did the 28 Days with Platform and it was a great lead into their programs and what they do. It’s also the best gym or PT that I’ve been to that really makes the effort to get your form and technique right in a non intrusive and supportive way. Great friendly atmosphere that you’ll never get at any mainstream gym."

​- Anon, member for 2 months.

Danny WrightProfessional Boxer;

As a professional boxer using S&C has benefitted my athletic ability massively. It has helped me get stronger, more powerful and ironed out weak movement patterns I had in certain exercises.

Along with this it has helped me prevent injury when training as my muscles can cope with the increase training loads and not cause me niggling injuries to my joints etc. Overall I feel a much more rounded athlete from doing S&C
Damian Chambers, Professional Boxer;

Since adding strength and conditioning to my training regime i have seen and felt massive improvements in my physique and overall strength.

The coaches push you to your limits and make sure you dig deep until you reach your goals. I feel I benefit from every session, I am going home in agony and coming back to the next one pushing myself harder and lifting more with encouragement from the staff.

Highly recommend Platform Performance to not just Boxers but to anyone
Kane GardnerProfessional Boxer;

Platform S&C has helped me out massively, not just in my boxing but in my general day to day activities. It's helped me get over the little injuries I've had in my knee, groin and shoulder. Sparring and fighting im begnining to feel a lot more physically stronger than my opponents and im sure thats come with my punch power too. I feel my health and overall wellness has improved since starting at platform.
Mark Bebbington, New Era Boxing Club Head Coach;

I cant speak more highly of Mark and Steve at Platform Performance. Their knowledge and passion for working with athletes is second to none. Mark was able to breakdown the theory of training into useful and insightful information for both our fighters and our coaches.

We have has a great experience at the performance centre and feel that the team at PP have added great input into our training.

Ryan Wood, discussing his progress over the first 6 weeks;

Platform is a great gym.

It starts as soon as you get in with Mark, Ste and Lee welcoming you. They get straight on to printing your session for the day and helping anyway they can to make you feel comfortable during your workout. 

I've been coming about 5/6 weeks and although I can see my progress strength-wise with the help of the lads I can see the progress in my muscle deifnition now too.

I haven't really changed my lifestyle and I have had 2 breaks in training because of work commitments yet I still feel like I am smashing it everytime and I am feeling good within myself!
Ryan Oliver, Professional Boxer;

Adding strength and conditioning to my training has honestly been one of the best desicions I've ever made in my boxing career.

Ive seen and felt enormous improvement in not only my strength and physique but also in my overall performance as an athlete.

The coaches at Platform Performance really do care about each and every one of their members and they go above and beyond to ensure they are the best they possibly can be.

Bilal Qasim, discussing his 23kg weight loss;

Platform Performance? Life Changing! Maybe a phrase that overused and under appreciated but theres no better phrase to sum up my continuing experience with Coaches Mark and Ste.

I remember before i started I used to call Mark up and try and suss him out to see if he really did know what he was talking about. After the first few meetings he stated that I would lose 5 stone in fat over an 7-8 month period. I thought he was crazy to be honest, but as always he proved to me that he was right. On the scales I lost just under 25kg in the space of 8 months! Thats 4 stone on the scales in 8 months and thats not even taking into account the weight I have added in muscle, easy 1-2 stones worth!
The support and encourgament you get from Platform Performance is second to none and if it wasnt for them I wouldnt have achieved and maintained my life changing objectives.

I guess this is more of a 'Thank You' than a 'Testimonial' to Platform, but so be it! Platform is a place where life changing achievements are made!
Imran Qasim, Discussing his 25kg weightloss;

I reached out to Mark and the team at Platform Performance after i Saw the weightloss results they had achieved with my brother Bilal.

My goal was of more of a professional nature than Bilal's as it was to help me advance in my career.

The team supported me from start to finish.

I started off attending the fitness classes right away and through their advice i started to adjust my diet. I started seeing the results slowly at first but as i 'got it' more it started to snowball. I eventually managed to achieve around a 25kg weightloss in roughly a 6 month period and made my targets that allowed me to advance in my career. I can't thank the team at Platform enough!
Matthew Clark, amateur bodybuilder;

As a competitve and natural bodybuilder the guys at Platform S&C have helped me to completely change my ways of thinking about dieti and training. Steering away from the age-old 'Bro' ways of bodybuilding, I have incorporated an evidence based approach tomaking a better physique.

Because of this i now understand why I am doing things instead of just doing it because I am told its good. It definitely helps having the right atmosphere and support when making changes to your lifestyle and that is why i choose Plaform Performance.