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  This is our flagship exercise program, it is the top level of support we provide so its no surprise its our most popular as well.

It comes with the support of our coaches inside the gym and the support of Team Platform (our closed facebok group) outside the gym.

You will receieve a bespoke training program and an individualised nutritional regime to match

It doesnt matter whether you come to us to get stronger, lose weight or improve sports performance, getting people in shape is what we do.
Our Process:
1) Start your free 7 day trial

2) Consultation - we can sit down with a brew, work out your goals and how we can help you achieve them through diet and exercise - it is at this point we will get you set up with your nutritional support

3) Assessment - one of our coaches will stick with you through your first session and make notes on your starting point

4) Program - we will write out a training program for you based on your consulatation and assessment session

5) During ther first few weeks our coaches will make any changes to your program where necessary

6) Three week review - we will sit down with you on your third week with us and discuss where we started, where we have got to and how we can move forward

7) We will keep repating this process while we keep smashing your goals and creating new ones

Begin the 14 Day Free Challenge
We are currently run weightlifting 6pm-7pm and 8pm-10pm every evening, 11am-4pm Sat and 1pm-4pm Sunday. 

If your a female looking for something a little more private then check out our sunday morning Womens Only Weightlifting Workshop.
Womens Only Weightlifting