Shauna's journey with us and the change she has made has simply been INCREDIBLE - listen to how she has dropped 12 INCHES off her waist in the last year with us.

Shauna first started with the Womens Only Weightlifting Workshop that we ran a bit more than a year ago.  Like a lot of people she was really concerned about coming in to see us at first.

"I felt judgement at every gym before Platform.

​I felt like Platform would be like every other gym where you are judged for working out, judged for being in the wrong place, judged for being chunky, judged for being ugly and not one of those instagram babes who post a selfie of them "working out""

She had tried different places in the area but nothing helped her. It's a common problem that we see, when you are paying to essentially rent equipment in a building it isn't a guaranteed path to progress.

​There are so many variables that need to be controlled to ensure your progress inside and outside the gym, add to that the unhealthy atmoshpere in most gyms and Shauna had struggled to gain any progress.

"I'd been to others gyms but let down by the lack of results. Felt awful, like I was just too unfit to be fit and healthy. Before Platform I'd tried everything! From exercise to diets to starvation - which was the worst one for me as I suffered from eating disorders so I felt like I was spiralling back into a dangerous path again"


She threw caution to the wind and began training with us and immediately she felt comfortable. 

All her concerns were put at ease as she slotted in to our sessions and felt right at home.

All those thoughts she had before giving us a go about wether she could do it or how we were going to be faded away immediately.

"It was like love at first sight. I fell in love with Platform, with the programme and the people straight away.

Welcomed with smiles and hello's and the offer of a brew... I knew that this was the place for me.

They know how to make you feel amazing, thanks to the work you do and the work they do. The general beginner's program is great because it is the perfect way to get back into fitness and seeing what everyone else is doing around you then it spurs you on as you want to do what others are doing, enabling you to push yourself harder and further.

​The community is more like a family. I'd do anything for my gym family"

Since she joined Shauna's journey has been nothing short of remarkable and exceptional.

Slimming down for her wedding she threw herself in to our nutrition support and training programs.

Our nutrition support has allowed her to enjoy nights out go on holiday and still enjoy her food while making serious progress with her physique (more on that in a moment!)

She has found a new found addiction in Weightlifting and tackled our unique blend of fitness classes including Boxing, circuit classes, HIIT sessions, Core sessions and our infamous friday night Platform WOD.

We asked her how she felt about Platform now she has been a member for over a year.

"Words cannot describe my thoughts on this. The support you receive is unbelievable, not just from the coaches but from the members too.

We are there for one another. We are a family. We are sharks. The training and nutrition programs are well thought out and they include things that you want, things that you want to improve on, things that you just want to do for fun and things that will show some serious results"

Shauna wanted to learn more advanced weightlifting techniques like Olympic Weightlifting - here she is learning how to do Split Jerks in one of our Saturday afternoon bonus workshops for members.

So what has Shauna achieved in the last year then?

Buckle up because this is incredible.

She has lost 1 stone and 12 lbs on the scale... thats just the beginning.

(also bare in mind that that is total *weight loss* not fat loss - shauna has gained a lot of muscle in the last year too).

As amazing as the nearly 2 stone of fat loss is the real mind blowing results are in Shauna's measurements.

She has lost 3 inches from around her hips.

An absolutely MIND BLOWING 12 inches lost around her waist. Thats a full foot lost around her waist.

That means shauna has lost 15 inches from around her midsection through the power of weightlifting and our powerful training programs and indepth support.

She has lost a further 2 inches around her thigh, 2 inches around her arm and an inch and a half around her calf.

Add to that the muscle and strength she has gained and the hefty health benefits from all that and Shauna looks like a different person as you can see below.

Shauna's advice for anyone on the outside looking in thinking of giving Platform a go?

"Do it! Because you will not regret one bit of it. You won't be judged or treated unfairly. You will be so welcomed that you wish you had come sooner.

You will be supported, motivated. You will have a laugh, work out, have a brew, food, maybe some beer.

You will have friends and people to confide in. You will be part of something that others are jealous of when you tell them about Platform. You will love it. And if you don't then that's also fine, you're only human; the fact that you put the effort in and gave it a go was the most important thing."

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