Now you can tone up fast without spending endless hours in the gym not knowing what to do​

Learn how you can progress more in 8 weeks at Platform than you have in literally all the other training you have done in your life.

(From the words of someone who has been through our muscle packing, fat blasting system)

Find out how Craig did exactly this in Platform between October – December 2017

I want to take a minute to tell you about a member of ours.

He was seriously struggling with gaining some muscle and was losing that motivation to do anything about it. He’d tried everything -

-Free weights
-Body part training
-Compound training
-Online bodybuilding programs

(don’t get started on diet!)
And despite all his hard work, his efforts, and the amount of reading he’d done on the subject, he just could not see results.

He was at his wits end.

Tired, exhausted, angry and feeling like packing on muscle, losing some fat and generally toning up just wasn’t for him.

I’m sure you know the feeling.

You try weightlifting, high protein diets, HIIT classes, 2 hour training sessions, 30 minute blasts and get nowhere.




How does everyone else seem to make this so easy?

You’re desperate to fill out your clothes, to get that physique you have seen on Instagram and feel like you know exactly what you need to do to keep it up yet whatever you try just doesn’t work.

But listen up, because I’m here to tell you something very important:

It’s not your fault.

See, the fitness industry is lying to you, and telling you things that not only fail to get you results, but could actually be harming your progress.

4 Reasons Why Your Current Diet and Training Routine Just Doesn’t Work For You​​

1) Just heading to the gym isn’t enough. You don’t know what to do when you get there so you aimlessly wander the machines or pick whichever one is free. This isn’t the way the Instagram bods do it, the way the people on the front of magazines do it. They tell you 20 minutes a day, plenty of water and a special pill is what you need.

It’s not. You need a program. And not just any program but one which fits YOU. One that progresses as you progress and leaves you feeling on top of the world every time you leave the gym.

2) You attack your diet but you don’t know where to begin. Everywhere you turn there is diet advice. It either works for a couple of weeks only or doesn’t work at all. Low carb or high carb? Low fat or high fat? How much protein should you eat again? Should you even eat protein?

You need to know what to do when. When to adjust your calories, your carbs, proteins and fats in order to keep getting results.

3) You don’t know how to use the powerful benefits of weightlifting in your training plan.

You know that’s what the people online do, the people flaunting themselves on Instagram and the body confident types you see in the gym but you’re not sure how to even begin!

4) You always feel like you’re starting again – and everyone knows that starting is the hardest part. You need a system where you stay on

Have a work night out? That’s fine. Partners birthday, childrens party and a wedding all in one weekend? That’s ok – we will take that in our stride and you will still get results.

So if it all boils down to not knowing what to do and where to begin, where can you turn?

You’re in luck.

By stumbling across this page, and reading the secrets I’m about to reveal, you’re about to put yourself at a huge advantage, and learn the system that’s taken me years of research and tens of thousands of hours to perfect.
Let me introduce you to …

Platform Strength Camp

With Platform Strength Camp you can -

- Finally learn how to lift weights safely and effectively so you know exactly what to do the next time you’re in the gym.

- Learn how to do the exercises the Instagram bods use day in day out to make them look great with or without a filter.

- Feel why weightlifting makes every-day life easier by making you lose fat and get stronger, making every day tasks easier.

- Fill out those shirts so people can finally tell you go to the gym. Have that friend who fills out his sleeves? You can too.

- Find a type of exercise you actually look forward to doing so that heading to the gym is fun and in itself motivates you to do better.

- Follow a program that progresses as you progress, no more wasted time in the gym.

- Find out where on earth you should begin with your diet.

- Find a gym that makes you feel good to go to, you look forward to going to and actually does what its supposed to do – makes you go home feeling on top of the world.

- Meet a bunch of new people exactly the same as you who are their to support you and see you succeed.

Get immediate access to Platform Strength Camp for just £120. 

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I guess you’re wondering what makes me qualified to talk about toning up  .

Well, the first thing you should know about me is that I am NOT a Joe Wicks.

But here’s what I AM -

I’m dedicated to what I do, helping people improve. This lead me all the way to picking up a Masters Degree in Strength and Conditioning. Most PTs carry a six week course, working with me you have someone who spent six YEARS at university.

I did the first 3 years at university and I thought that would be enough.

Tell me your goals and I'll construct the most perfectly written program of all time that would shortcut your way to success

Or so I thought

Sure the more I understood the more I realised I didn't know but I also thought I had the places available to me to pick on that information I'd need.

So I rolled into my Masters in Strength and Conditioning equally as sure I'd rip the place up.

And to be fair I did a decent job. Working around a full time job AND running my first gym I learned ever more about developing strength and power in anyone from never touched a weight to elite athletes who utilise weightlifting to improve sport performance.

I picked up on sports rehab techniques and delved into kinesiology once again (which was probably, because of the geek in me, my favourite subject in sport science). I learned about how occluding blood flow can help injured people get stronger even by using 10% of what their maximum lift was.

I got more experience in the industry and was extremely fortunate to be picked out of over 200 applications to work with Lancashire County Cricket Club as an assistant strength and conditioning coach. I worked with England Lacrosse and more and more Boxers.

So when it came to training people on my own I was confident in my abilities.

But then something funny happened.

The textbook programs I wrote didn't always work?

I began to wonder - was the six years I spent at uni a lie?!

Of course it wasn't and slowly but surely I got better.

I realised where my programs were going amiss.

I researched into areas I hadn't looked before, reached out to fresh new people for advice and applied what I was finding until the programs I was writing got better and better.

Eventually results were coming, people were getting stronger losing weight and feeling good.

It got easy to predict too. The mixture of education, years of experience in such a wide range of levels and those couple of years of uncertainty led me to pay such careful attention at what I was making people do.

These days I could almost predict to the kilogram what someone will lift at the end of a training block.

I'm so glad that I went to university and got the grounding in science that I did - it opened my eyes and my mind to the human body.
We have packaged and systemised everything we have learned in training and nutrition so that if you train with us we slot you into our system and guarantee you success.

So, why is Platform Strength Camp not like any other fat loss muscle building program out there?

Here’s why -

Coaches delivering your sessions who not only understand the intricacies of weight loss but also have the experience of helping people lose weight time after time.

Same too with nutrition – not only do we know the science of nutrition for weight-loss, we also know how to apply it so that it suits you.

A support network of people on the same page as you, working to the same goals as you, who are there to support you every step of the way.

A gym you enjoy coming to. A place that you actually miss when your not there and look forward to coming to when your due to come in.

I know what you’re thinking -

This is just another sleazy scam that promises so much, and delivers nothing.

Maybe Platform is out to trick and con me out of my money.

I completely understand. It’s only natural to be skeptical when every shady internet marketer is out to make quick money.

And I know you’ve probably tried so many things before. But to ease your mind, here’s how people just like you have fared with Platform Strength Camp.
The question on your lips …

How much does it cost?

Let me answer that:

The full value of what I’m offering is £120.

That’s less than you’d spend per day on a cup of coffee.

Can you imagine finding out how to lose fat and build muscle (for life) for that price?

But wait - there’s more.

I’m not JUST offering Platform Strength Camp, by taking action and investing now, you also get access to all this:

Coached weightlifting sessions and individualized training program – usually £60 + per month
Individualized nutritional program – usually £30 +
Access to Team Platform, our closed Facebook group – a members only bonus
24/7 access to our coaches – a members only bonus

Total value for 8 weeks - £180 + (and two members only add ons)

That’s a saving of £60 and members only bonuses.

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Can you really afford to miss out on finally finding out how to lose weight, build muscle and feel great (for life) with an offer like this?

You’ve got two options -

Option 1 is to close this page, go back to doing what you’ve tried before, feel frustrated as HELL that you didn’t grab this offer when it was available first time, then be back here in 2 to 3 months time.

Option 2 is the smart move.

You decide that enough is enough and that you finally want a guaranteed way to feel good by getting in shape in the fastest and most effective way possible, and so invest in your health, happiness and security.

That choice is yours.

As a final reminder, here’s what you get with Platform Strength Camp:

24 personalised workouts so that you can build muscle and feel great, in and out of your clothes

Personalized nutritional support so that you know what to eat when to keep you on track

Eating strategies that allow you to go out on a weekend and still see results, week after week

Goal tracking so that we know when you’re on track and so that we know what to do if you go off track

Access to the best support community, Team Platform, that will guide you through every step of the way

Get all this AND MORE in just 1 click:
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Still on the fence?

How about this.

Platform Strength Camp has a 100% money-back guarantee.

In the incredibly unlikely situation that you’re not completely happy, I’ll refund every penny you pay.
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Got questions?

That’s normal. Actually, that’s GREAT - it shows you truly care about your results.

If you’re wondering about anything, I’ve answered a list of the most commonly asked questions below:

What happens if I miss a session?
We want attendance to at least 2 out of 3 sessions per week but we can also allow you to catch up missed sessions in our open coached weightlifting sessions that run 7 days a week.

What are the typical results on the strength camp?
We have typically had people who are trying to lose weight lose 10lbs in the 8 weeks and those who have been focusing on gaining muscle gaining 8lbs in the 8 weeks.

What is the diet like?
We structure the diet around the food that you like. Nothing is off the menu. We don’t come up with wacky and wonderful foods, we just show you how to structure your every day life to set you up for success.


I forgot to say - this offer won’t last long.

There are only 10 spots available and they are already being snapped up, we suggest you be quick.

The price is going up to £150 on January 1st.

If you want to take advantage NOW, you need to act.

One final thing. Let me ask you this:

How would it feel to finally be in control of your body? The way you look and feel and the way you and the world see’s you.

And how would it feel to get yourself on that road in just 8 weeks time and without aimlessly wandering the gym not knowing what to do and being bombarded with a mountain of unhelpful nutrition advice.

Like the sound of that?

Then you know what to do.
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