Mel has been on quite the journey with us since she joined us 7 months ago...

It started when she came runner up in a competition we ran and she did a full month with us on our top membership for half price. Although she was excited about being a runner up she was nervous about coming in for the first time.

"I was a nervous wreck going to meet Mark, I have always been nervous going somewhere I don't know and meeting new people. 

I ate healthily but was physically unfit, had very low self confidence, wasn't very strong and was very tired all the time."

She had tried different gyms in the area and could never quite gel with the environment, feeling like she was being judged in a room full of posers meant she never got any real consistency anywhere else and ultimately no results she was happy with. With the amount of services she had tried with varying degrees of success its no surprise that she was nervous about coming in to see us.

"Before Platform I had tried The Body Coach 90 daysss, home workouts, Zumba, silk aerial classes, run of the mill gyms, Metafit.

​I never tried anything like Slimming World as I have always eaten well and don't struggle too much with enjoying healthy nutrition side."

She threw herself in to training with us and and confidence grew and grew.

She jumped in to our unique blend of fitness classes and we guided her through the power of weightlifting in our small group coached weighlifting sessions.

We taught her execises she never thought she would be able to do and not only was she able to do them she was smashing them.

She began breaking every stereotype she thought she had about herself in her head and  'I can't do that!' became 'sure lets give it a go!' 

"The 121 coaching was what helped me the most as I was completely clueless with weights. It also kept me encouraged. The FB group made me feel welcome and part of the gyms community."

Growing in confidence Mel began challenging herself without our input.

One thing we found is that she is never more determined than when she is trying to beat herself. Put her up against someone else and she isn't that bothered but put her up against herself and a previous best and watch her succeed.

In June she decided to put a goal up for our monthly challenge of achieving a lifelong goal, bodyweight pull ups.

It was a tall order, she had only ever done them assisted previously but like a lot of the women who contact us she wanted to master a bodyweight pull up.

In true Mel style she smashed that goal and managed 3 consecutive bodyweight pull ups by the end of June - bagging her the Monthly Challenge prize T Shirt and a spot on our wall.

She has gone on since that to win another monthly challenge by managing more prowler pull and push reps than anyone else in 2 mins... like winning it once isnt hard enough! 

Since she has joined us she has made remarkable progress.

She fit right in to our community after being so nervous about coming for her first chat and has since gone on to inspire everyone else.

Mel collecting her winners T Shirt for managing a lifelong goal of Bodyweight Pull Up s.

Following the nutrition support we give her her physique has noticeably changed both on the numbers on the regular check ins and reviews we do with her and in the mirror.

She has dropped 3 inches off her waist, gained over an inch on her bum, dropped around half a stone of fat and gained a tremendous amount of body confidence. This summer is the first summer in years that she has been confident enough to go outside in a pair of shorts, much to the shock of her friend that she went to meet!

She has since reset her goals and is chashing a double bodyweight hip thrust. Not bad for someone who had never lifted weights properly and was nervous about getting started 7 months before.

"The results can't be argued with- they're visible and noticeable!! The support is great, regular body comp, change of programme etc keeps training varied and helps me remain consistent."

Mel's advice for anyone on the outside looking in thinking of giving Platform a go?

"Dive in, it's about time you stopped swimming backwards!!"

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