We want to help you smash the run up to Christmas with our 28 Day Foundation For Change Program which will will accelerate your results and set you up for long term progress while enjoying every step of the way 

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As Christmas nights out, seeing friends and family and eating too much begin to become the norm we want to help you understand how you can still see progress with everything going on around you.

Lose fat, lose inches, feel incredible ... all in time for Christmas.

The goal of this program is to set you up with results for life - should you choose to move in to a membership with us at the end of your 28 days we will have laid all the foundations to help you get results for good.

But that doesn't mean this program wont get you results in the first 28 days. 

We help people lose 7lbs on average and 3 inches around their waist and have had people lose as much as 1st 1lb and 5 inches off their waist in the first 28 days.

With a combination of coached weightlifting sessions, team fitness sessions, outside the gym goals, nutrition support and our member community we are commited to developing your mindset and your body in the next 28 days in a training environment like you have never experienced before.

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What do you want to achieve in the 28 days?
This is a training program delivered in Platform with everything you need mapped out and provided for you across the 28 days.

What the £99 includes:
Full training program

We will take you from zero to fully competent at all the lifts that will blast fat - no more endless cardio because you don't know what to do and no more wasted sessions - just 100% progress.
12x Personal Training Sessions

Our training is effective because of our Team of coaches.

In our semi-private weightlifting sessions we will coach you through everything you do, work around any issue or injury, push you, challenge you and guide you to the start of your long term results.
​​Unlimited access to our Fitness Sessions

Our unique blend of circuit training, HIIT, Boxing, Interval and Core sessions.

​Designed to get your heart rate going, blast the fat and have maximum fun - we run sessions morning and night every week day and 2 on the weekend.

Most training packages stop there.. but that is where this program comes in to its own.

You also recieve:

​​Nutrition support from our in house nutritionist.

We arent just giving everyone a meal plan printed off google - we go deep into your nutrition to make sure you understand EXACTLY what you need to do to lose weight.

We work out how you can lose weight in a way that allows you a beer on a weekend, a nice meal with the family or a takeaway when you want it.

You will never be clearer on what you need to do.

Outside gym support.

Out of a 168 hour week you are only in the gym for about 4-6 hours, you need to know what to do in the other 160+ hours per week.

We will map out what to do with sleep, hydration, daily activity/ steps and how to set your mind to achieve consistent and constant progress and get off the dieting yo-yo.​ ​

You get access to our incredible Facebook group Team Platform.

In here we do regular live videos on nutrition, Q+A's, recipe ideas, keep you up to date with what is going on in the gym and generally have a laugh.

Access to our coaching team 24/7.

If you have something you want to ask direct you have access to our coaches who can guide you any time you need them.

Unsure what to grab when your on the go? Shoot a coach a message, we go you covered.

You will be a fully fledged Shark (a member of Platform)

This means you will get access to everything else we do - ​parties, social events, discount at Fit Food Kitchen, extra workshop sessions on how to box, how to do olympic weightlifting, extra seminars on nutrition.

Listen to what some members of Platform have to say about their experience with us

Input your information in to the box above and one of our coaches will give you a call to discuss what we do on the program.

Once you have begun you will recieve:

The 28 Day training booklet that will structure your 28 days: training, diet, mindset, steps, hydration, sleep, its all included. 

A full training program to follow for the 28 days delivered by our team of coaches which is designed to teach you all the lifts you need to know to help with your fat loss.

12 x Personal Training sessions in Platform during any of our scheduled weightlifting sessions (see timetable below).

Unlimited access to all of our fitness sessions for the 28 days (see timetable below).

Ongoing nutritional support for the 28 days where we will work with you to map out what you need to be doing day to day to succeed.

Access to our Facebook group Team Platform for the 28 days.

A plan of tasks to complete away from Platform to speed up the process.

You will never be presented with a better opportunity to get in shape and most importantly know how to keep it that way.

This program is designed to reframe your mindset as much as anything else.

We want to help brake the yo-yo dieting and 'on or off' track we see holding people back.

We want to develop you with impressive physical results but arm you with the mindset that will see you continue that progress longterm.

All of these guys below had tried things previously but had never got the results their efforts deserved until they started to apply our methods.

They are all now more in control of their bodies than they have ever been and have the map laid out for them of what they need to do to keep seeing progress for life.

What are you waiting for?

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