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​Monday 7pm
   ​Platform Fit is a circuit class with our strength and conditioning twist.

The class is split into 4 zones:


Once you have worked through all the exercises in each zone you will move to the next zone, ready to tackle a new challenge.

Regardless of what zone you're in you’re sure to be challenged in ways you haven’t before!

This session lasts around 30 mins.   
​Tuesday 7pm
   ​Ever wanted to train like a boxer?

Well now’s your chance!

The boxing blast is a cardio session based on skipping, punching the bags and pads and getting a good sweat on!

Lasting around 50 mins this high intensity session is sure to help you let off some steam.   
Wednesday 7pm
 ​Where our Strength and Conditioning, meet’s our Fitness classes.

A cardio session which incorporates the staple exercises that you see across our weightlifting sessions.

The class is split into 4 Zones:


Wether its squats, deadlift, overhead press or sandbag cleans, you will definitely leave feeling pumped.

This session lasts around 30 minutes.     
​Thursday 7pm
   As simple as they come.

10 rounds, 1 minute on, 1 minute off.

We look to vary exercises each week, whether it’s;

Battle ropes
Hitting the tyre with lump hammers
 Slamming a medicine ball
Or throwing some weight about

You’re sure to get a great workout while having fun at the same time.

This session lasts around 30 minutes.   
Friday 7pm
 This is an intense weightlifting sesison which will leave you tingiling from head to toe.

The session has no set format, we post up that weeks WOD in Team Platform - our closed facebook group for members.

There is no better way to finish your friday nights - all our usual rules go out the window - the music switches up and so does the training.  
  4 minutes of exercise, 3 minutes break, 4 times.

The rounds are broken down into 8x 30second stations where we incorporate Tyres, Hammers, Punchbag’s, Kettlebell’s and Bodyweight exercises to really get that heart pumping.

You have 3 minutes of rest/active recovery in between rounds, where you may be holding a squat position, plank or similar.

This session lasts around 40 mins.  
Thursday 7.45pm/Saturday 10.45pm
This 15 minute session will blast your abs and core.

As long as you didnt plan on moving properly the day after there isn't much more to be said!