We make exercise welcoming, simple and rewarding.

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What our current members say - click on any photo to hear the full story

"I was a nervous wreck going to meet Mark, I have always been nervous going somewhere I don't know and meeting new people. The results speak for themselves, they are noticeable and visible, dive in and stop swimming backwards!"

​- Mel, member for 7 months.

"I felt like I had been judged at every gym I had been to. I felt like it would be like every other gym where you are judged for working out, judged for being in the wrong place, judged for being chunky. I was wrong it was love at first site"

​- Shauna, member for 1 year and 2 months.

How we work

No one walks through our doors not knowing what to do - we guide you from zero to smashing it with ease. We provide everything you could ever need to get in shape and enjoy the process.

No unknowns, no guesswork, no embarrasment about what to do and absolutely no posers.
We take care of your training program by matching your goals to our prowerful training systems that have been designed with latest science and years of expertise to ensure you are getting the results you want in the shortest time possible. 
We dont just give you your training program.. we also coach you through every single thing you do. No guesswork - our team of coaches are on hand to make sure you get exactly what you need.
We work with you to get your diet on point. No brocolli and rice 4 times a day... we teach you how you can eat pizza, drink beer and have fun while getting in the shape of your life.

We are waiting to make look better, feel better and live life better than ever before.